Pharmacist job-change – 薬剤師 転職

Method to change its job, and to become a pharmacist

I intend that you change your job and introduce “a method to become a pharmacist”.

After having heard this story, the way of thinking for your “study” and “effort” surely changes completely.

And I promise to be used to “study” and “an effort” by further acting power forward.

■Change of job of a certain pharmacist

I met A made up its mind “to change its job as a pharmacist” the other day.

The carrier worked as a pharmacist A is 35 years really.

I married and gave birth and continued working while taking care of its baby and purchased the excellent house.

Two sons enter from the private high school the private university and are a member of society who I graduate, and is excellent now.

The age of A works for 58 years old, a pharmacist still more,

Similarly  where the master with the change of job experience “retires” in this timing when a retirement age was reached.

・・Is a ・ change of job the common life?

The anti-sense of values is each person, but “I am common” at least and think that  “is the happy life” for a change of job.

Of course even A was not the life that was the wind after a change of job.

It was not rich at all even if I thought about an income of the master after appearance direct marketing, and only a double the unit of the room seemed to be life to lead a frugal life in a company house of the master whom there was not.

It is really said that there is the time when I supported the family budget by income of A.

“The honesty, the life were hard”.

If I was not the occupation called the pharmacist, I would have a hard time more and yet more

A talked so while laughing.

■But having had a hard time most “being a pharmacist”

To such A “having had a hard time most in 35 years as the pharmacist?” と asked you a question.

“Is it, oneself “is a pharmacist” A to have had a hard time most?”

For an unexpected answer on my head I flew about .

“It is frightful and made a detour if I say exactly before I recognize, oneself “is a pharmacist”, and is A a thing when serious after I recognize it?”

・・A explained the answer such as the ・ such Zen koan dialogue.

■Difference of the pharmacist

The second son is born; and 1-2 years. It is about the time of the 30 years old this side that A changed his/her job; …

Even decrease, incomes of the master do not largely increase by the first delivery, child care for the working hours of A. I come there and am delivered the second. Invisible uneasiness of … ahead that the cost of living that the trouble of the child care doubles, and it costs increases. It is said that it is very hard time economically.

It is said that I watched the article of the change of job of the pharmacist who is a newspaper by chance in such a case.

“I served as what and … was regrettable and cried”. I do not have a lot on a change of job at all. As for this pharmacist, “an age stick 100 million yen breakthrough” says … to “unpleasant as for the change of job”, besides, to be looking for a cheap Japanese radish for 10 yen to cut down cost of living even if there is little me. What will I be so different from this … person and me in to make an effort so much? I thought of.

Then A knows that the pharmacist changed his/her job after having done it for a while. It is in an obvious famous change of job site.

And he “dislikes the change of job”, and the acquaintance who is close to this pharmacist says how by chance, but studies several times than a person. I make very serious efforts, and “do you make the pharmacist who should do what for oneself?” I heard a story to be the man who it became the を inevitable death, and thought.

“I felt that it was beaten for thunder at time”. And oneself became extremely ashamed. I thought of the pharmacist “only to the person who I appeared in the drugstore all day long only for around several hours, and made money carelessly”. If a person making money more than 100 million yen thinks, cannot such; (laugh)

And A continued asking.

“Then what will the behavior be for for me that is “a pharmacist?” What will an exercise be? For example, rather it may be me “to be change of jobphobia” if time to contact a patient “is the workplace”!. Well, I of that time never studied business for an excuse when it was a patient when it was medicine. 」

■For a drugstore. For one only patient.

It is said that A from it looked for a change of job site desperately.

I listed every change of job, experience, impression, question … thing to a notebook.

For example, it was a habit of the prescription of the doctor and was the taboo that you must be careful about studied in own, and a next plan for a patient was written in at a notebook closely.

・・A ・ number, it is dozens of books really.

Of course A says that it was serious.

It was just a change of job to have studied and was not usable, and the moment when I could realize own growth did not come immediately.

Newer pharmaceutical products and disease come out; as much as studied, it increased “to have to study”.

But I seemed to think, “surely that pharmacist would be the same”. When, for a drugstore, I will read several thousand, tens of thousands of and a book.

When the pharmacist must do “a change of job” to do correspondence to have only one patient satisfy at the moment.

A “is such a thing when I give a result” by “a change of job”

・・I was frightful this time and felt shame to watch a face of A who talked with a ・ bright expression.

By the way, it is a question.

What kind of “change of job” do you do for a patient how long?

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How. Might you follow the opening fixture?

If you read this and are used to a change of job forward, … is happy.

By the way,  where I “look for a change of job site” desperately after talking with A. As for the economics and the business art, management or the behaviorist psychology and the brain life science to the field. It is not only a net; from the change of job site to the e-mail magazine.























Aさん 「一番苦労したことは、自分が『薬剤師である』ということかしら」


Aさん 「正確に言うなら、自分が『薬剤師である』と認識するまでにものすごく遠回りをしたし、認識してからがタイヘンだった、ってことかしら」






「なんかね・・・悔しくて涙が出てきたの。私は転職なんて全然詳しくないんだけど。私は少しでも生活費を切り詰めるために、10円でも安い大根を探してい るのに、この薬剤師は『年棒1億円突破』って・・・しかも『転職は嫌いだ』なんて言っている。わたしはこんなに努力しているのに・・・この人と私とは何 がそんなに違うんだろう?って思ったわ」























ちなみに、私はAさんとお話してから必死になって『転職サイトを探す』ようになりました。経済学や営業術・マネージメント、はたまた行動心理学や脳生理学なん て分野まで。それこそ、ネットだけでなく転職サイトからのメールマガジンまで。